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Code: BT01014
Compact white ribbed
  • Approximately 60 days.
  • Lusiana is perfectly suitable both for the tuft (whole plant in bunching) and ribs (to leaf through) harvesting.
  • Average weight about 1,00 kg each plant (whole plant in bunching).
  • Blistered dark-green colored leaves with a wide total-white rib. The small size, facilitates the packing in box.
  • The good resistance to the bolting allows the cultivation during the whole year and assures a good harvest also in the summer time or in the early spring with autumnal sowing.
  • Sowing: from February to October.
  • Harvesting: from March to November.
  • Planting ratio: cm 15-25 along the row, 30-40 cm between the row; it's suitable for the random sowing.
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