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Innovation for sustainable and responsible agricolture

Sativa: Production and marketing of vegetable seeds

Tradition and innovation through the highest quality, these few words represent our idea of seeds business and guide our work every day.

Sativa is involved in breeding, maintenance, production and sale of seeds.
The main field of activity is vegetables, but also produces some herbs and ornamentals.

Sativa is member of a group of Companies involved in seeds which can provide a wide range of services.

The main partner of Sativa is C.A.C. (Coop. Agricola Cesenate) known as major contractor in Italy for vegetable, sunflower and sugar beet seeds.

This is a grower's association which can provide multiplication in several regions of Italy with good technical staff and excellent cleaning facilities.

Sativa is specialised in vegetable seed production and breeding of many Mediterranean varieties such as tomato, pepper, eggplant, onion, peas, bean, etc... Most of our varieties and hybrids are reproduced in the most suitable areas of the world, thereby ensuring a reliable, high quality and uniform product.

The high level of purity and quality of seed is guaranteed using modern, functional equipment and well trained personnel. Conditioned warehouse creates perfect storage conditions. Before being packaged and put on sale, our products undergo strict field & laboratory tests so as to check for each item we offer: purity (genetic and physical), germination and vitality of the seed.

We are active on domestic and foreign market: the export represents approximately 50% of the turnover.
Our main markets are located in the Mediterranean region, South America as well in Eastern Europe and Asia.

New varieties and hybrids suitable for these areas are continuously studied through our research department and through cooperation with private and public breeders in Europe and abroad.

Sativa has three subsidiary Companies dealing with pictorial packets, amenity grasses, flower and other commodities for hobby gardeners and also with professional seeds for farmers.

One of these subsidiary is located in Lubljana, Slovenia.

Sativa produces and sells about 7 million pieces per year (we have 4 automatic packing lines for packets and one for legumes in carton boxes) and we use for this a certain amount of seeds, including flowers, which we currently buy from European suppliers.

Concerning flowers seeds we mainly deal with mixtures and only on a few species with single colours. The policy in flower packets is to provide customers with reliable quality at competitive prices, "reliable quality" meaning high vigour and trueness to variety.

Sativa carries out an activity of research and breeding on vegetable varieties, and holds more than 100 varieties for domestic and professional market.

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